Hogansville Workshop


  • CNC Horizontal Milling and Turning Capabilities 
  • Premium Overlay Products for Hot Strip Mill and Long Product Rolls
  • Reconditioning of Pinch, Table, Wrapper, Looper, Straightener, Caster, and Run-in/Run-out Rolls

Specialized Equipment

  • Electro Slag Strip Welding Machines
  • Submerged Arc Welding Strip and Wire Machines
  • Stress Relieve Furnace (9’ X 10’ X 22')

Additional Plant Information

Max Crane Capacity - 15 Tons

Total Square Footage - 27,000 ft2


Contact Information

750 Meriwether Park Dr.
Hogansville, GA 30230 USA
Map and Directions

P: +1-706-637-8228
F: +1-706-637-9945

Operations Manager

Thomas Connell