SMS group has been on the leading edge of tube and bar straighteners in the earliest formations of Sutton Engineering in 1914.  The Sutton brand was the most popular straightener designer / supplier in the North American Market.  Offering a range of options, 2-Roll, 5-Roll, 6-Roll and 10-Roll Opposed-Roll Straighteners and the unique 7-roll cluster style KTC Straightener.

Today, SMS group offers numerous value-added improvements to these machines, as well as highly experienced personnel for spare parts and field service.  Some examples of these tried-and-true upgrades include: 

  • Mechanical Upgrades – Auto Roll Angling, Roll Changing Rigs, Infeed Pinch Roll Units and In-Machine Roll Honing Systems
  • Hydraulic Upgrades – Roll Clamping, Middle Stem Clamping, Overloads, Power Screw Downs and Quick Opening.  The quick opening on the KTC Straighteners is ideal for OCTG Pipe that has upset ends
  • Electrical Upgrades – Load Cells, Condition Monitoring and Automatic Guide Adjustments

In addition to the engineered upgrades, SMS group also has extensive experience in rebuilds.  These rebuilds include: complete machine rebuilds (onsite and workshop), gearbox rebuilds, middle stem rebuilds, differential rebuilds and rebuilds of the slide block assemblies.  With the extensive technical know-how, SMS group is your ideal straightener service partner.