Spiral Welded

SMS group provides the highest level of O.E.M. based service for upgrades, spare parts and field service to your Spiral Welded Tube lines.  Our portfolio services to the Coil Preparation, Pipe Forming, Pipe Welding (1 or 2 Stage Processes), Pipe End Finishing, Pressure Testing and Quality Assurance Measuring areas within a Spiral Weld Tube mill.  

SMS group can offer onsite or workshop rebuilds, roll profiling, in-field troubleshooting and alignment services, spare parts offerings, and warehousing/stocking models.  Utilizing both the SMS group innovations from new mills as well as solutions jointly developed with our customers, SMS group in North America is capable of supporting in all areas of the process.

One of the latest offerings PERFECT® arc, offers the perfect welding solution for all processes in the large diameter pipe production.  With the PERFECT® arc 1500 AC/DC power source for high-speed tack welding, SAW DC and SAW AC.  One advantage is fully electronic power source technology, using power electronics instead of transformers, resulting in an efficiency of more than 90% with 30% less energy consumption – at the same welding output power rating compared to conventional power sources.  This and other similar technical advancements can be implemented by SMS Technical Services.