Section Mills

SMS group is your local source for sales and service for merchant mills.  Our years of experience in engineering and service related projects have positioned our company to be your one stop shop. We have years of experience in servicing equipment with in house knowledge of various setups but also dedicated service for the supply of OEM and commercial spare parts

SMS group has a focus on sub-assembly rebuilds, and pre-assembled sub-component supply in efforts to improve equipment uptime and reduce the burden on customer’s maintenance personnel.  Proven modernizations, available to be custom fit to your unique mill and production needs.  Other safety and changeover modifications have helped reduce downtime and safety related injuries through our partnerships with numerous companies.

SMS group also focuses to partner with companies, to lower costs with our customers through spare part stocking solutions and information sharing.  We will supply detailed knowledge with support from our experience domestically and through our partnership with our SMS group teams all over the world.