Seamless Tube

Ever since the Mannesmann brothers' radical invention in 1885 and the formation of Aetna Standard in 1902, SMS group has continuously been in the forefront of improved the seamless tube production processes. This has put us one step ahead of current and future requirements of the pipe and tube market.  

SMS gorup utilizes this innovative power to offer our customers competitive solutions for seamless tube plants.  From material entry through the finishing process, SMS group can be your solutions partner for all things seamless.  We have proven equipment upgrades, such as three-roll bar steadiers, plug mill pass adjustment systems, increased mandrel mill roll face, and stretch mill extensions that have allowed for our customers to continually meet the ever tightening market demands with equipment designed and supplied decades past.

SMS group is your source for engineered solutions, O.E.M. and enhanced property (i.e. value added) spare parts and field service functions such as equipment inspection, equipment alignments, equipment installations, and down-day / outage maintenance support.  We have also performed numerous on-site training sessions, split between classroom and field training on equipment functional design, mill set-up, and predictive maintenance measures.  


SMS group understands that the piercing process is the heart of any seamless operation.  With today’s quality constraints focusing around eccentricity, wall thickness deviations and the need to roll heavier wall and higher grade alloys, we have put a concerted effort into keeping the piercers of times past competitive.  Technological improvements to all aspects of the piercing process, briefly described below show our continued chase towards excellence.

SMS group has made a number of technological and controls improvements to the piercing mill proper to allow for more repeatable and accurate mill setups and alarms of deviation from those critical parameters during the rolling process.  We have improved the adjustment systems for the gorge position and spacing, shoe (or disc) positioning, feed angle, and roll separating force measurement.  This information affords the operations the ability to determine where the mill setup is at the pulpit and ensure the recipe is correct to eliminate the need to ‘setup pieces’ (yield loss) and reliance on manual gauging.

SMS group has improved the inlet and outlet handling to ensure the billet is presented square and on pass line to the mill from the inlet and the piercer bar with point is held rigidly and repeatedly on pass line by independently controlled three-roll bar steadiers.  These improvements have led to dramatic improvements in shell eccentricity.  In addition to these handling systems, SMS group has also developed improved methods of billet end preparation with precision cutoffs and double ended centering presses.  Lastly, process and tooling improvements, such as PQSC Plugs and InCOAT Technologies have been developed and trialed to prove a better inside wall condition and method to deoxidize immediately after the piercing zone.