Roll Coating Solutions

Under license from TOCALO Co., Ltd. of Japan, SMS group is an authorized North American supplier of high-performance thermal-spray coatings for rolls used in continuous galvanizing and annealing lines. The TOCALO coating processes utilized results in proven coating solutions and our processes are audited several times per year by TOCALO personnel so that our customers can be assured that coatings provided by SMS Technical Services are of the highest quality available in North America.  Pot roll coatings produced have exceptional hardness, compressive and traverse rupture strength, and superior wear resistance, rolls coated by STS have long service lives. In addition, pot rolls coated by the proprietary TOCALO coating and sealing process also have greatly increased resistance to zinc dross adhesion; they produce galvanized steel strip product with superior surface quality throughout extended campaigns.

In the case of pot rolls, we can machine and coat sink rolls with either a micro or macro grove configuration. For stabilizer and correcting rolls, we can offer a few different coating and sealing processes to arrive at a roll within a precise roughness (Ra) range as desired by a specific customer.  A growing area of need is furnace roll coatings which deliver superior resistance to Mn and Si pick-up experienced with traditional Al2O3 based coating solutions when rolling many AHSS and HSLA steel grades.  The TOCALO furnace roll coatings we can supply have significantly better pick-up resistance than standard furnace roll coatings at very competitive pricing. We provide incoming and outgoing roll profile measurements for all furnace rolls processed and we can process rolls for all furnace roll positions. SMS group can also offer value added services for those customers using our furnace roll coatings by doing on-site furnace roll inspections during planned maintenance outages to identify roll coating loss and/or initiation of pick-up issues. 

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