Roll Cladding

SMS group provides complete roll rebuilding services utilizing top-quality special alloy overlays and state-of-the-art roll technology. Our arc overlay technology can extend roll life by improving resistance to cracking, corrosion, wear and pitting. We can clad rolls using any combination of submerged-arc, gas-shielded metal arc, gas-tungsten arc or open-arc overlay technologies. We also use in-house thermal-fatigue simulation testing to insure overlays provide superior performance.

Our rigorous process for identifying the combination of buildup and overlay materials best suited for your application emphasizes adding value by extending roll life and product quality. Because we use modern CNC tools, we can machine rolls to the exacting tolerances required by today's caster and rolling mills.

SMS group is also one of a few producers of specialized textured tread-plate rolls. Using our proprietary method, we can produce tread-plate rolls faster and often a lower cost than other producers.

Our comprehensive roll services include: performance analysis tracking; welding, material sciences and metallurgical evaluation; technical and failure analysis; and consulting services. As a value-added service, we provide comprehensive roll tracking programs.

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