Rod and Wire

SMS group is a world class supplier for the rod and wire steel makers.  High strength steel, higher alloy grades, and increasing tolerance control have made current market conditions even more demanding on steel suppliers in this market segment.  Spending your maintenance and modernization budgets with us is money well spent, we are not there to just provide spare parts but we can implement a maintenance partnership as well.  With an experienced sales force with years of operating and maintenance experience in rod and wire production we are here to help you solve any maintenance or operational issues.

We have the expertise to supply mill equipment that can ensure half tolerance conditions and also QA measuring equipment to properly monitor the finished product.  Whether your needs are off-site qualification and repair of wire/rod blocks and modules or just supply of guides and guiding related components we are here to address your needs. SMS group's priority is building a maintenance partnership with steel makers and not simply being satisfied with being another vendor/customer relationship.