Oxygen Lance Repairs and Upgrade Services

Using our experience, equipment, technical know-how, and leading edge technologies, SMS group can restore or upgrade water-cooled oxygen lances to like-new or better-than-new condition.  Operating a lance with as little as 1/4-inch tip wear or one to two inches of tip misalignment can result in poor refining performance and accelerated furnace refractory wear.  Our knowledgeable repairs and upgrades can minimize or eliminate these pitfalls, improve operational safety, and extend lance service life.

To provide superior lance maintenance services, SMS group has partnered with the Tallman Bronze Company, one of the largest and most experienced lance component manufacturers in the world.  Together we can expertly restore water-cooled oxygen, post-combustion, and deskulling lances from all manufacturers to original OEM specifications.  We also provide upgrades to reduce maintenance costs and improve product quality. 

Lances often get bent in the distributor area, which effects alignment.  Because bent and misaligned lances can damage costly refractory materials, SMS group and Tallman Bronze have developed an Internal Lance Support System (ILSS).  This patented system strengthens lances without impeding the flow of cooling water or impacting performance.  It makes them less likely to get bent and damage refractory and do not need cumbersome protective sleeves for handling.