Mold Copper Repairs and New Mold Coppers

At our Oil City and Osceola locations, we supply broad-face and narrow-face mold plates for conventional slab, bloom, thin-slab, and near-net-shape casters. We can recondition; recoat using the full range of hard-facing coatings; and restore both conventional and high-speed caster molds to their original specifications. We also modify copper plates, manufacture new ones, and are the only source for NanoGuard® and UniGuard® Mold Coatings, which provide unique hardness and heat resistance.We custom design and build the highest quality molds and provide technical and manufacturing services plus customer service programs to track performance, analyze cost, and efficiently manage copper inventories. We also manufacture, repair, and calibrate gauges that help improve mold and continuous caster performance.

SMS group's solutions-oriented troubleshooting services are tailored to a caster’s operational requirements and use an experienced technical staff, modern thermal and stress modeling services, and years of caster mold maintenance experience to help ensure peak performance, maximize product quality, and reduce downtime.