Galvanizing and Annealing Lines

Using our equipment maintenance knowledge, experience and expertise, and the technical know-how of the SMS group companies, SMS group North America expertly repairs and restores zinc pot equipment so it performs reliably and produces an excellent strip product.

SMS group companies, Fontaine Engineering-FOEN® and Duma Band Zink, have been producing and servicing continuous galvanizing line equipment for more than 40 years. They have extensive experience and technical expertise designing, manufacturing and servicing wiping equipment, coating optimizers, galvanizing/aluminizing lines, electrostatic oiling machines, and zinc pot equipment used in hot-dip strip coating lines and have developed innovative, patented solutions to improve strip product quality and extend production campaigns. 

Working in conjunction with our customers and our sister SMS group companies, we can supply pot roll bearing solutions.  We provide a full range of high-quality spare parts and bearing systems that dramatically improve bath roll stability and provide extremely long service lives. In cases where the customer has interest, we can work out inventory supply agreements to provide reliable and easy spare parts supply.  Other maintenance services provided for CGL lines include complete maintenance services of the zinc pot rigs (arms, bearings, etc.) as well as air knife cleaning and calibration.