Drivetrains and Gearboxes

SMS group rebuilds, repairs, and upgrades rolling mill gear boxes and pinion stands off-line. We provide expert service for most OEM manufacturers’ pinion stands, small-to-medium mill drive gear boxes, and ancillary components, like bearings and shafts, from large gear boxes. We provide gear and gear teeth diagnostics and inspections.  We can also set and verify gear contact patterns and backlash. 

All repairs begin with a thorough inspection of gear assemblies and teeth, backlash and contact patterns, before and after disassembly, using both visual and non-destructive (NDT) methods. Results of the inspections and testing are documented and included in a detailed report. 

Depending on your needs, gear boxes, gear assemblies, and pinion stands are repaired and reassembled using new, refurbished, or used components. In addition, gear contact patterns are checked and verified by SMS group engineering to ensure they meet exact specifications.

SMS group in Germany is a global supplier of rolling mill drivetrain equipment with extensive engineering and manufacturing expertise.  We use strict quality standards throughout the repair process and drivetrain equipment we repair and rebuild provides cost-effective reliable service.

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