Draw Benches

SMS group has a high competency in cold drawing.  Having over 80-years of experience and producing over one thousand draw benches under the Aetna Standard name, ranging from 10,000-lbs to 1,000,000-lbs of draw force.  Draw benches for all tubular, bars and shape products, drawing carbon steels, stainless steels, exotic alloys, and copper/brass alloys.  We have been able to provide technical innovations while maintaining the relative simplicity and robust design of the equipment.

We have experience with single and multiple draws (up to 5 draws per pass) various tube loading arrangements and drawing methods (single chain, dual chain, hydraulic).  SMS group is equipped to support all draw benches, regardless of maker or vintage and have a number of proven solutions to improve draw quality, reduce point lengths, improve machine operator safety, and improve changeover times.

SMS group can provide equipment modernizations on existing benches, new draw benches, field service to troubleshoot /  provide general equipment checks, and onsite training for machine setup, operation, and maintenance.