Diagnostic Equipment

Our diagnostic services can identify operating problems and failures that result in reduced metals production or impaired quality. Using their extensive experience measuring vibration, strains, forces, temperature, displacement, pressure, and torque, our knowledgeable technical experts can solve onsite operations' problems using proven techniques and state-of-the-art diagnostic tools. 

We also provide a broad range of alignment services to optimize continuous caster and rolling mill performance, including: condition-based monitoring; component deflection testing; drive train diagnostics; bearing temperature and vibration monitoring; solidification monitoring; laser alignment; stamping-die load analysis; baseline studies; and drive component torque testing.

To insure superior accuracy and precise alignments, we use state-of-the-art analytical diagnostic instruments: 3-D laser contact coordinate measurement system; hand-held vibration analyzers; real-time, in-plant data acquisition systems; permanent drive train diagnostics; roll gap sled and link systems; hand-held electric alignment gauges; mold-to-zone electronic alignment gauges; strain gauges; and wireless telemetry systems.

CaliView is a specialized light and photo based system allowing fast, precision alignments for bar rolling, sizing, and piercing mills.  

MoVE is a computer aided, light and photo based alignment tool specifically designed for guide alignment for wire and rod rolling mills.