Cold Pilger Mills

SMS group has years of experience in servicing Cold Pilger Mill equipment with not only technically knowledgeable field service personnel, but also dedicated service for the supply of O.E.M. spare parts.

SMS group has a focus on sub-assembly rebuilds, and pre-assembled sub-component supply in efforts to improve equipment uptime and reduce the burden on custom’s maintenance personnel.  Proven modernizations, such as a drive solutions to eliminate CAVEX gearboxes, and feed-and-turn gearboxes, are available to be custom fit to your unique mill and production needs.  Other safety and changeover modifications, such as ring die mounting improvements, are also in our daily business.

SMS group also focuses to coordinate with our pilger customers, who participate in a lot of inter-company data and experience sharing, to bring areas of improvement, spare part stocking solutions and information bulletins to ensure the best operations and maintenance strategies are available to all customers based on SMS’ equipment experience not only domestically, but all over the world.