Roll Chroming

With Modern Hard Chrome as part of SMS group, we can expertly chrome plate work rolls. Chrome is a superior coating for rolls: it is one of the hardest metals, has excellent corrosion resistance, and low coefficient of friction. That combination results in a very high wear resistance. Consequently, chrome plating can extend roll life up to four times. Rolls that used to wear out in about three hours can last up to twelve hours when they are chrome plated. This increase in roll life lowers operating costs and reduces downtime. Our 24/7 maintenance operations is also an effective way to reduce downtime. Often, rolls picked up in the morning for chroming can be back in your mill, ready-to-roll, the same evening.

With more than 60 years of experience applying chrome plating, we have the know-how to chrome rolls so they consistently provide superior performance. Plus rolls that have been pre-treated with our proprietary technology have longer service lives and experience fewer problems.

Electro-Discharge Texturing (EDT)

Sheet producers, under pressure to produce flawless sheet for automotive and other demanding applications, know that texture on work rolls is critical because it's transferred to the sheet being produced. Electro-Discharge Texturing (EDT) is a specialized texturing process that replaces shot blast and provides a superior surface texture on rolls prior to chroming. It produces consistent, repeatable surfaces with tight tolerances from 50-350 Ra, extremely uniform surface with little variance over the surface of the roll and superior textured surfaces on hard work rolls. 

Using proprietary EDT equipment, designed, and manufactured by SMS group, we can uniformly texture the entire roll surface with no gaps on the ends. Our EDT equipment also removes grind chatter while texturing to produce dependable rolls that consistently deliver quality sheet.