Hot and Cold Rolling Mill Chock Fleet Management

SMS group expertly maintains and repairs rolling mill chocks and small bearing housings. We also build new chocks, chock components, and small bearing housings to OEM and customer specifications. 

As part of our repair process, we completely disassemble and thoroughly inspect each chock. Damaged components are expertly welded and precision machined to like- or better-than-new condition. Then chocks are reassembled and carefully checked. To ensure top performance, bore diameters are verified and the width of shim liners is set. Experienced craftsmen, know-how, and rigorous procedures insure that chocks we have repaired will have longer service lives and reduced downtime. Plus our innovative processes and methods help reduce long-term chock maintenance costs.

In addition to chocks, we also repair, refurbish, and build new single-piece, water-cooled, and split-bearing housings for rolling mills and continuous casters. We also provide a wide range of repair services and build parts, from short product runs to large quantity orders, for ferrous and non-ferrous metals producers. For example, we produce jackshafts and nuts, produce and repair rolls, and refurbish side trimmers.

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