Caster Segments Roll Cladding

The repair and manufacturing of caster segment rolls has been a core competency of SMS group and its predecessor companies for nearly 50 years.  Regardless of OEM or segment roll design, SMS group has a weld overlay process we can customize to decrease wear and corrosion of caster segment rolls.  

Long-bodied roll, short-bodied rolls, or shell type rolls are not welded by the same process and overlay chemistries are varied and address specific caster issues.  We have four workshops in the USA actively welding caster rolls.  These workshops are in Gary, IN; Taylor, MI; Hogansville, GA; and Washington, PA.  All facilities are capable of open arc and submerged arc wire welding with all accompanied services such as heat treatment, CNC turning, and milling.  

We pride ourselves on being able to develop a process for addressing specific issues related to roll diameter loss whether it is from wear or corrosion.  Our support team includes degreed metallurgists and welding engineers.  Roll tracking is a vital service provided and is needed to develop an optimized process for a given caster and customer.  The goal is to extend segment life by preventing roll issues from being a primary reason for segment removal.  Our years of experience in repairing continuous caster segments allows us to review the whole segment roll assembly.  We can, in turn, suggest and make improvements to bearing housing designs, roll axles, and coupling to allow your segments to achieve record tonnages.