Bright Steel

It has a clean, smooth surface, high dimensional accuracy and is particularly economical to produce – these are the benefits which have made bright steel indispensable to so many industries. Car manufacturing is a typical example: bright steel is used to make piston rods as well as steering and drive components. But bright steel is also crucially important in engineering, equipment manufacturing, and building systems technology.

The key processes in bright steel production cover a broad spectrum: there is nothing our specialists do not know about the benefits and specifics of both production process alternatives – drawing and peeling. And so plant owners can benefit from their expert advice. The SMS group not only supplies high-performance drawing and peeling machinery, but also develops complete, custom-made drawing lines and bright steel centers. Subsequent bright steel product refining is also a field where the SMS group is setting standards with its grinding and polishing machines.

The SMS group is a global market leader in integrated plants for producing semi-finished steel and non-ferrous products. The company has more than 80 years’ experience of making machinery to draw, peel and grind bright steel. It stretches back to the heritage brands of Schumag and Kieserling which have been part of the SMS group since 2008.

SMS group offers a complete array of spare parts, modernizations, repairs, and field services to service the North American bright steel market.  SMS group field technicians have unparalleled experience in repairing and maintaining our presses.  We are here to keep your Bright Bar equipment performing at its peak level.