BoreGuard™ Electric Arc Wire Spray

BoreGuard™ Electric Arc Wire Spray is an arc formed by two oppositely charged metallic wires. This leads to melting at the tip of the wire material. As this occurs, air atomizes the melted material and is accelerated onto the surface.  The product was formulated for increasing bore wear resistance; minimizing distortion on other areas of chocks and component part; reducing repair costs; and decreasing turnaround time during the repair process.

At SMS group Inc.'s Mokena workshop, we have been utilizing the BoreGuard™ process in-house  to repair chocks and chock components since 2010.  The workshop has had their coating composition and process tested metallurgically and mechanically for Tensile strength, porosity, coating interface, cracking, globular’s, oxides, uniformity, and overall integrity to ensure that our quality will withstand the duties of a bearing chock.

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