AGC Cylinders

Because they automatically provide accurate and consistent product gauge control, sophisticated hydraulic Automatic Gauge Control (AGC) cylinders are critical to the performance of a rolling mill. Cylinders that are not working properly can adversely impact strip or bar quality, and a cylinder failure can shut the mill down. Preventative maintenance, accurate testing, and expert repair to restore cylinders to OEM specifications ensure cylinders perform reliably and consistently provide strip or bar product with precise thickness or dimensions, respectively.

With a comprehensive cylinder repair facility and one of the largest computerized cylinder test stands in North America, SMS group can accurately test and precisely repair large AGC cylinders from all manufacturers.

To benchmark performance and identify performance issues, incoming cylinders receive a comprehensive inspection and are tested against OEM specifications throughout their range on our test stand. After disassembly, cylinder components are thoroughly cleaned and inspected both visually and with non-destructive testing methods. All test and inspection results are documented and a diagnostic report is prepared. After the cylinder is repaired to restore it to OEM specifications and tolerances, it is tested again to ensure it will perform like new and downtime will be minimized.

ISO 9001 certified, our repair facility adheres to stringent quality standards throughout the repair process. We can also provide on-site removal and installation support, emergency services, and analyze operating and maintenance conditions to develop a plan to improve cylinder performance and reliability.

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